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Colon Snake >>> Screw 5.0

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Colon Snake >>> Screw 5.0
Colon Snake >>> Screw 5.0


Twisting, bending SNAKES go DEEP. They wiggle their way into places a dildo NEVER dreamed of reaching!

Our FT SNAKES are firm enough so you can guide ‘em in…but soft enough to be comfortable. Made from body-safe PVC, they are phthalate-free and safe with silicone and water-based lubes.

Unlike any others, our SNAKES can be PLANTED to the wall of your shower or any other slick surface. They come equipped with our Sticky Bomb suction bottom…so you can SIT n GRIN with confidence!

Here is the SCREW 5.0…Shaped to its name this piece of hardware is guaranteed to DRILL your HOLE. You’ll love the way each curve feels as you GRIND your way to the base. It brings a new meaning to twisted toys.

CARE N’ CLEAN: Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with Silicone and Water-Based lubes.

DIMENSIONS: The Screw 5.0 Colon Snake has 18 inches of insertable length with 5 inches of circumference.


[5 stars based on 2 reviews]
June 8 2016

I purchased this toy after a few months of having purchased one of the last "clear" colon snakes. I couldn't be more satisfied with this update. I love the old one but being able to handle silicone lubes; I had to get this one. I love playing with it, though I tend to use it more when I'm getting ready as a great tester before I get into any serious play. Other than the color and material, it is slightly larger in girth than the clear snake. (Not complaining at all) It was more of a pleasant surprise using it the first time. LOVE THIS TOY!

— ariespig
July 11 2016

I have been using ass toys for several years now and I wanted something with more length and a little bigger girth. The screw snake looked like just the thing I was looking for. It's heavy and feels quite substantial. I could hardly wait to get this thing out of the box and put it to work. The first time I had to let my anal sphincter relax for about 15 minutes of probing my asshole. I pressed the head against my cleft right by the anus and I felt it slide on through. The head is slightly larger than the shaft and you can feel the size difference when it slides into your ass. A bit more pressure and my snake was about 6 inches in. I gave the snake a couple of turns and it just slid right into the sigmoid colon. I have been able to insert about 12 inches so far and I expect to get it fully inserted after some more practice. Man, you can really tell you have an ass full when you start pumping this thing. Twisting it brings a lot of internal sensation, too. It really puts the massage pressure against the internal boy parts. I pumped and twisted until my arm got tired and that is the only reason I stopped. Next time I will use the suction base. Pulling this toy out also feels great. The length is enough to stroke your ass good, too. I found that the cum lube works best with very little friction. I didn't jerk off after using it because I like to build up a good load to shoot. When I awoke the next morning and reached over to get my phone I was rewarded with a spontaneous ejaculation. I guess the internal pressure was enough to fire it up...I hed to change undies because I coated my crotch with cum. Man, this thing really rocks. Now all we need is a rotating mounting base for the wall so the screw snake can be screwed into my ass without me wearing out my arm. A definite winner!

— Guy Noir

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