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Colon Snake >>> King Cobra 7.5

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Colon Snake >>> King Cobra 7.5
Colon Snake >>> King Cobra 7.5


Twisting, bending SNAKES go DEEP. They wiggle their way into places a dildo NEVER dreamed of reaching!

Our FT SNAKES are firm enough so you can guide ‘em in…but soft enough to be comfortable. Made from body-safe PVC, they are phthalate-free and safe with silicone and water-based lubes.

Unlike any others, our SNAKES can be PLANTED to the wall of your shower or any other slick surface. They come equipped with our Sticky Bomb suction bottom…so you can SIT n GRIN with confidence!

Here is the King Cobra 7.5…equipped with 3 levels of thickness. With 24 inches of ass popping length, this snake is for the colon play PRO. Ride each ball from tip to base for the ultimate in colon bliss.

CARE N’ CLEAN: Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with Silicone and Water-Based lubes.

DIMENSIONS: The King Cobra 7.5 Colon Snake has 24 inches of insertable length. The head has 5.25 inches of circumference. Each ball has a maximum circumference of 7.5 inches. Shafts between balls are 5.75 inches in circumference.


[5 stars based on 2 reviews]
April 26 2016

Wow...finally. A toy that's worthy! I got it yesterday and like the previous reviewer, when I put it in, it hurt. But I just kept going. I'm not yet able to get it in all the way like I can the smaller ones but i'm going to get this in. It's perfect for the slightly experienced and the patient and well worth it. I came so much when I was pulling this out. Painful...but euphoric at the same time. Highly recommended.

— Gerard
April 14 2016

I've been addicted to insertables all my life. All different kinds from all the providers. The King Cobra will be the last one I ever buy. When this one wears out I'll buy another. First try I could barely take the first knot. And it f...ing hurt. Second try I took the second knot. Third try I could take four knots, and ride it - all the way out, then back in. It hurts me, it stretches me, it fills me. It takes me to a place where all I know is that thing inside me, hurting me, sliding in and out, painfully stretching my anus and ripping up into my guts, hammering my prostate, and all I can do is moan and ride it harder till I can't stand it and have to stop. Getting it out is torture. God, l love this thing!

— Bryan

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