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Real Deal 5.5

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Real Deal 5.5
Real Deal 5.5
Real Deal 5.5


If you close your eyes and touch it, you'd SWEAR it was real. Made with the LATEST breakthrough in realistic cock technology, our REAL DEAL cocks are formed with two layers. First, there is a FIRM core on the inside to give the feel of a ROCK HARD cock. The outer layer is SOFT and feels like real skin. We've test ridden these new cocks, and DAMN...they are the REALEST dongs we've ever mounted.

Not only do you get a cock that looks and feels unbelievably legit...you also get our superior Sticky Bomb suction base...WAY stronger than any others. Slap it to the side of your shower and back into it. Pop it down on the toilet and mount. Ride it on the hood of your car. Once it's STUCK, you never hafta worry about it sliding out...and you can focus on takin' the WHOLE damn thing!

CARE’ N CLEAN: REAL DEAL cocks are made of Ultra-Realistic UR3 material. Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with water-based lubes only.

DIMENSIONS: Here is the beginner size REAL DEAL 5.5 dong which measures 5.5 inches in circumference and has 6 inches of insertable length.


[4.8 stars based on 11 reviews]
March 4 2014

This is the perfect size to cuddle up in bed with and dream of a lover. The skin feel so damn fantastic, I was dreaming of heaven.

— Bob
July 24 2014

These dildos are simply AMAZING! They feel amazing and are comfortable enough that you can ride them as long as you want. Next best thing to a hard dick!

— BS
July 30 2014

Bought it because it was the smallest individual realistic dildo on the site. I thought it would be close to an average sized cock with the measurements listed on the site, but it turned out a lot bigger than what I was expecting, so I took out my tape measure. The insert-able length is slightly over 6.5 in (7.25 in from the end of the dildo the the tip), and the girth or circumference around the thickest part of the shaft is closer to 6 in, definitely not 5.5 (measured with the suction cup in and about 2 in from the base). I wouldn't call it "beginner size" or close to average cock size, it's definitely larger than average, but not huge, just not exactly the size I expected. I have not test rode the dildo yet, but I wanted to give other people looking to buy this dildo a more accurate representation of it's size. I bought this dildo to use to help warm up for my partners before sex, but it's probably the same girth as him. I wish this site had more options around the average cock size range.

— Anonymous
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August 25 2014

Simply amazing feels like a real cock. The material feels like real skin and offers a very smooth insertion and ride feels like silk rubbing in and out of your hole. Thanks guys. Great product. And super fast shipping.

— Kyle
July 11 2015

The Sticky Bomb 5.5 is awesome, bigger than I thought, a bonus for sure. It just feels so real and great up your ass... Perfect fit.

— Thomas
July 28 2015

This feels so real and amazing! It's that prefect size, not too big and not to small for a little bit of personal fun. I did notice an interior gap when placing it on the fuck machine adapter but it doesn't really effect its use much. It just causes for some extra bendy entry, but once it's in there it's all good.

— Nick C.
January 10 2016

I'm not usually into dildos because they always feel fake but a buddy suggested this one and damn it's good. Feels fantastic. Really soft on the outside and firm where it should be. Bends just enough. Used it twice so far and came hard both times. It's a great size, too. Big enough to work you but still manageable. Looking forward to trying the bigger sizes over time.

— Ted
January 14 2016

I ordered the Real Deal Sticky Bomb per request of my partner looking to penetrate my 35 year old virgin butt.I started out with P-Spot Plug ( see my review ) Fuck the soft outer layer with the texture,head of a real dudes cock yet firm to slide it in they named it correct REAL DEAL,The suction mount holds it firmly in place on my shower seat and wall ,never gave thought of doing squats on hot man's simulated tool but wow Fort Troff is right on target with their product line.

— Billy Hard Top
April 23 2016

This Real Feel dong is awesome. It has that heavy feeling cock feel you love and fits perfect in my ass. I might order the bigger one as well.

October 19 2016

Got hard just taking it out of the shipping package. Really solid product. "Real Deal" for real.

— Happy customer
November 28 2016

an anatomically reasonable and fun dong. like other reviewers have written, the life like texture is amazing...and arousing. i have the larger stryker that is fun for acrobatics but this one feels good and intimate and so in spite of its less challenging size is actually my favorite. highly recommended for both starters and for skilled anal pleasures.

— drood
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