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P-Spot Annihilator

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P-Spot Annihilator
P-Spot Annihilator
P-Spot Annihilator
P-Spot Annihilator


Sure your P-spot has been stroked and massaged...and you know how GOOD it feels. But this new tool is gonna ANNIHILATE your P-spot.

It's UNLIKE any P-spot toy we've ever seen, because the tip you a toe curling MASSAGE. With it it's bumpy tip, the VIBE feels good...but that's just the START. Cuz underneath is a ball that moves back and forth! It's like having a finger perfectly placed gently STROKING you. All of us at the Fort have test-ridden the ANNIHILATOR and agree that it makes every other vibrator seem dull and boring.

The Annihilator offers a choice of 10 programs and 3 speeds. Perfect for every level of play this bad boy is guaranteed to have you moaning, panting, and breathless.

And FORGET having to worry about batteries...the Annihilator is RECHARGEABLE...just plug in the USB cord.

The dimensions are not too intimidating...with 5 insertable inches and a 4 inch circumference. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, we recommend water based lubes. Cleaning is easy with mild soap and water or toy cleaner.

Bottom line: Nothing beats the erotic charge of a GOOD prostate massage. The Annihilator delivers on all counts. It stood up to all of our rigorous testing and came out in better shape than some of our test bottoms!

Get it FIRST and ONLY here at the Fort.


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February 9 2015

HOLY CRAP! This toy has been one of my best purchases ever! I didn't realize from the video that the tip of this toy has a very good finger-like motion to massage the p-spot along with all types of vibration and intensities, made me cum without even touching myself. A highly recommended p-spot toy for sure!

— Camilo
March 13 2015

I like the shape and variable speeds. My partner and I love it. Would definitely recommend

— Bryan
March 30 2015

I love the shape and control that gives. .. good ergonomics. Could be better with a control button with a more visible identity of function. which end is speed and which controls speed of tip flex. this is true since users may not be watching which side is "up" or are less familiar with the device. My limited use so far has been very enjoyable. I would say I am satisfied.

— Dennis
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April 7 2015

I love the power and variability of the motions. Feels amazing inside. It's fun and usable with friends. Love the recharge ability.

— Derek
April 29 2015

Love the rocking head. It hits the right spots with the right intensity.

— Henry
June 27 2015

Hell of a great ride and hits my prostate everytime! Love the options for pulse and vibration. I Am very satisfied with it! You get a lot bang for you buck!

— Matt
September 18 2015

Amazing product! I was a little hesitant because of price but it is worth every penny, I am EXTREMTLY staisfied! I will say that is a little louder than I thought but this is my first toy that vibrare. Still worth it!

— J
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