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Cum Plug 2-Pack

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Cum Plug 2-Pack
Cum Plug 2-Pack
Cum Plug 2-Pack
Cum Plug 2-Pack
Cum Plug 2-Pack
Cum Plug 2-Pack


These awesomely inexpensive sounds are a great intro for anyone looking to try sound play for the first time. You get 2 sounds in the IDEAL starter kit.

Our Cum Plugs are made from soft 100% medical grade premium silicone. Each flexible sound has a HOLLOW core...so you can still drip n' piss! The first one is thin with a gently tapered tip. The second is slightly larger...allowing you to expand your play...or play with a bud!

Both are 2 inches long and come with an extra-wide base for EZ gripping... ensuring that it never goes in too deep!

Clean-up is EZ ...simply wash and clean by tossing them in boiling water for 2 minutes...air dry. We recommend ONLY playing with Sterile Lube. Pick some up here at the Fort. Made by Sport Fucker.

Get this 2-piece KIT and learn what it's like to fuck your meat from the inside OUT!

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[5 stars based on 3 reviews]
January 12 2016

These things are a lot of fun! I like that they are hollow, and you can cum with them in. I was a little nervous the first time, but it was truly a mind-blowing experience! My only complaint about them is they aren't long enough, as they tend to slip out a bit. However, an easy solution to this is to get a glan ring (like a cock ring, but this goes right under your head). This keeps things just snug enough to hold everything in place. Overall, I'd recommend this if you want to try Sounding. They aren't too big, which makes them friendly to beginners. It's also good for those experienced in sounding that are looking to try something new. Like, for example, a cum-thru plug!

— Shawn
April 29 2015

A FANTASTIC toy to start into the FANTASTIC world of SOUNDING! The flexible and soft material fits very easily into your lubed cock. Give it a twist and your body will shake immediately. Worth every dollar I spent on this product!

April 3 2015

I like that there are two sizes so that you can introduce a newbie in a gentle and comfortable way. Definitely a winner

— Tony