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Triple X Sound

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Triple X Sound
Triple X Sound
Triple X Sound


Damn, this sound is UNIQUE! While most sounds are straight-up "stick it in" types...this one is designed for guys looking to take their cock play to the EXTREME!

Tapered not once, but 3 times. The Triple X, cock probe, helps you gently stretch your piss slit with EASE. Plus, it's HOLLOW...which means its fun for you WATERSPORTS fans. The spherical ball at the end is easy to grip...making extraction a snap.

Made from pure medical grade silicone. Clean-up is EZ ...simply wash and clean by tossing them in boiling water for 2 minutes...air dry. We recommend ONLY playing with Sterile Lube. Pick some up here at the Fort. Made by Sport Fucker.

Total length is 7.25 inches. The width of the sound ranges from .32 inches to .34 inches at the widest point.

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September 8 2015

I just got my Triple X Sound in the mail, and just couldn't wait to try it out. While smaller around than most of the sounds I'm used to, the ridges are nice going in, and it has a good length to it. Being that it's silicon, I can see myself wearing it on my upcoming flights. No need to drop my pants for TSA, because I've set off the metal detector. Love it!!!

— Samuel
September 14 2015

I love my Triple X Sound. I got it a couple days ago and have been playing with it everyday. I thought it would be difficult to get in - not having ever sounded before. But after getting the first taper in it was easy. I've got it in while typing this - stroking my hard cock feels fantastic. I've also got my Armour Tug Lock around my cock & balls and up my ass. I can stroke like this for hours. I cant wait to see if there are any guys in my area that would like a sounding buddy.

— hama
October 7 2015

This is one of the best. I am a huge "sounder". What I really like about this one is that it goes in easily and deep, and if it's really well lubed up you can actually jerk yourself off by just sliding the sound in and out for a bit. It's wild when you shoot the jizz right through it.

— Tony
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October 12 2016

This sound is awesome. I hadn't done anything like this for years and saw this and wanted to do it again. It took 4 try's before I could get past the first bump and 2 more try's before I could get past the second bump and then the third was incredible! I find the discomfort getting it out is half the fun! I can't wait till it slips in and out easily. I wish it was longer.

— Michael
October 22 2016

My rating is based on the product even though at this time I'm unable to use it. The material and flexibility is perfect however I must have a thinner urethra then average/expected as I am unable to get the first bump into the head of my penis. Having used thinner before the sensation is amazing I just simply can not accommodate the girth of this product.

— Russ
October 24 2016

I left it in and walked around the office and ejaculated in my jeans; it was amazing!!

— Michael
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