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FT Bed Bondage Straps 4-PACK

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FT Bed Bondage Straps 4-PACK
FT Bed Bondage Straps 4-PACK
FT Bed Bondage Straps 4-PACK
FT Bed Bondage Straps 4-PACK


Easier than rope… PERFECT for those of you who want to add even MORE options for COMPLETE IMMOBILIZATION!

This XTRA 4 pack of fully adjustable BALLISTIC NYLON STRAPS comes with clips and D-RINGS that let you expand your deviant designs…4 Fold!

Need extra straps to FIRMLY ANCHOR your bound-up grunt fuck so his hole is squarely LOCKED in position? Want something that easily attaches to the ring of that ball stretcher so you can pull those nuts down towards his knees? Looking for additional straps to hike his hands `n heels UP...FAR and WIDE across your bed?

When it comes to Bed Bondage, having MORE is ALWAYS your BEST OPTION! Now, with the BED BONDAGE STRAP 4 PACK… that option is within your grasp.

You get all the straps and hardware you need to securely attach the straps to your existing Bed Bondage System. (FT Bed Bondage is sold separately.)


[4 stars based on 1 reviews]
July 7 2016

This worked perfectly and held my boy down while I was able to have fun with him. The adjustable straps are so easy to use.

— Henry

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