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Tenga Flip Ultra

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Tenga Flip Ultra
Tenga Flip Ultra
Tenga Flip Ultra
Tenga Flip Ultra
Tenga Flip Ultra


All of us at the Fort agree that nobody matches Tenga when it cums to Wank-off toys.

Here is the ULTRA version of the Flip Hole. It delivers a firm sensation, but not as extreme. Go fuckin' NUTS as your cock explores the different zones.

Designed to deliver tingles and tight squeezes to your cock, it is powerful. The Moving Ball delivers a rolling sensation from both sides once you slide your cock in. The Giant End Orb provides a strong squeeze along the tip of your shaft. And the Brushing Edge gives you a nice stimulation provided by a wall of continuous ribs.

The buttons on the side allow you to control the pressure, for even greater pleasure. Like all premium Tengas, you can simply open it and clean it, and stand it up to dry...try doing THAT with a Fleshjack!

We at the Fort have been wankin' and wanna WARN U: If you blow a wad while completely inside the Flip Hole get ready for CRAZY spasms of overstimulation as the silicone LICKS against your cock head. This hole is TIGHT and it feels RIGHT.

Please be aware that the total length of the shaft is 7.5 inches. As an added BONUS you get 3 bottles of complimentary lubes with your Flip Hole.


[5 stars based on 3 reviews]
September 3 2017

this is great before you have your lover to suck you of first then use this to before you fuck the living hell out of his tight man hole .....................

June 10 2016

Amazing and it is well worth the price! Best jack off toy I've ever owned.

— Jk
March 20 2016

Holy Shit! I just threw out my flesh light

— Pup Muin