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Tenga Egg

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Tenga Egg
Tenga Egg
Tenga Egg
Tenga Egg


For you jack-off sleeve aficionados, this grip-action slip cover literally HUGS the head of your dick like NO other. Beat your cock into utter submission! Blow wad right into the egg, masturbation toy. It's a no mess, no fuss way to GET OFF and go. No cum rag needed!

And just cuz it's COMPACT and CONVENIENT...doesn't mean there's ANY sacrifice to pure wanking pleasure. Hands Down and COCKS OUT...Tenga uses the absolute BEST material you've ever wrapped around your dick. It has an incredible ZERO friction feel. Super soft. Spongy. Incredibly realistic.

And it gets even better...cuz each egg has a variety of nubs n bumps that brush up against your cock head. We just got our paws on the LATEST version, made with a thicker, grippy feel for a CRAZY HOT good time.

Get a 6-PACK of PURE wanking pleasure. Each Egg can be used MULTIPLE times after a quick clean up with mild soapy water.

The Tenga Egg is not intended as a condom substitution.


[5 stars based on 2 reviews]
February 2 2014

I got this six pack and each egg has a unique pleasurable sensation that quickly makes me blast my load. Clean up is a cinch- Most of the time, I just throw the used sleeve back into the egg until morning when I'm able to properly clean it. You get excellent bang for your buck because they they can be used multiple times. It's fairly discreet, especially around Easter, and can be used in any location you choose. One of my favorites places to get off with this toy is in my truck driving down the highway and occasionally blow a kiss to a stud when getting caught as they drive by. Good Times. Good Product. Loads of Fun!

— Truman
October 31 2015

5 stars all the way. By far the best easy to use/transport. Great sensation with a gob of lobe! Can't wait to use it again with previous load in it.

— Pigboi