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FT Comfort Luber

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FT Comfort Luber
FT Comfort Luber
FT Comfort Luber
FT Comfort Luber
FT Comfort Luber
FT Comfort Luber
FT Comfort Luber


At long fuckin' LAST a lube shooter with a FLEX nozzle. Designed by the crack-openin' grunts here at the Fort, the Comfort Luber was one year in the making. The flexible nozzle beats ANYTHING we've ever stuck up our asses.

The Comfort Luber holds PLENTY of damn gay anal lube, over 100ml, so you can get your hole fully PRIMED with ONE shot. And it comes with a secure CAP...so you can load it and not make a mess. Yeah it's got it ALL...you get deep penetrating comfort, a massive dose, and a cap to keep things neat.

Get it ONLY here at the Fort.

Not a Medical Device. For anal use only.


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February 11 2016

awesome lub injecter... love to inject my piss up my ass too... just so hot

— Rick
January 22 2016

When having some sessions with your favorite toy or before that special man delivers his dick up,your ass.... Best product to get the lube up in you coating your hole to make for a smooth ride... Get this and get CUM lube

— AJ
July 9 2015

for the most part a good item, use it to fill fisting holes. Downside the black rubber cap on the plunger pops off.

— Mark
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June 7 2015

Hands down the best lube injector I used. I had a blooper at first (and I've used something similar to this so it shouldn't have happened) and shot cum lube on the bathroom mirror... oops. Just make sure you have a grip on it so you don't waste any lube lol. This is a really good investment if you are a bottom, have a regular bottom or enjoy deep toy play. I also suppose you can give yourself a lube facial if you are into that :p. BUY THIS!

— Nick C.
April 28 2015

I got the comfort luber the other day and used it today. My bottom boy was so happy that I was able to lube up his hole without the mess and my fist was happy that the lube stayed put so it made fisting him so much more easier to do. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you guys come out with next.

— Aldo
November 12 2012

I like a lot the lube injector. Is excellent. I love to get deep fist fuck and piston fuck and I use the fist powder. Is excellent product too. Your service and product the are the best. You will have me as a customer for long time.

— Peter
October 30 2012

What an improvement from the Uber Luber, which I also loved. This luber still has a the awesome medical syringe look but is a little larger and has soft rubber tip on it. The rubber tip is the perfect length. Big hit at my last party...piggy stocking stuffers.

— Sir Dan
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