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Fist Powder TECH

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STRIKE! Damn we are bummed...but this item is now SOLD OUT.

Fist Powder TECH
Fist Powder TECH
Fist Powder TECH
Fist Powder TECH
Fist Powder TECH


For those of you who like J-Lube, but hate that it's really used for birthin' cattle... we're proud to offer Fist Powder TECH. This is the SECOND version of Fist Powder, and it's been reformulated to give you the THICK feel that so many of you fuckers asked for.

Made in France, this EXTREME fisting lube is leagues better 'cuz it's SLICKER 'n LESS STRINGY. Plus...clean-up is a breeze! Just use soap and water. PERIOD. No more running to the kitchen... leavin' a slug-trail of slime drippin' out your behind... just to retrieve the SALT to clean up the damn J-Lube. Screw THAT.

Fist Powder is AMAZING. Just add a couple spoonfuls to a regular sized water bottle and SHAKE. The more you use... the thicker it gets...If you prefer it thinner...USE LESS. It's that simple. There's enuFF Fist Powder in each bottle to give you AMPLE opportunities to open that hole of yours WIDE. You get 2.3 ounces which creates a WHOPPING 20 water-bottles full of THICK n' SLICK lube. That's less than 2 BUCKS a bottle!

If you don't agree that FIST POWDER is better than J-Lube after the first use, just let us know and we'll hook you up with a credit. Seriously, there's NO need to have a COW.

Not a Medical Device. For anal use only.


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June 30 2014

Great stuff! Super-slick and economical. I love injecting this lube up my ass and follow it with one of my sticky-bomb dildos.

— Rick
October 16 2014

This stuff is amazing! Novice little piggy here..was using a silicone blend...expensive and not slick enough. This stuff lasts...stays wet...and makes your hole a slip and slide...but not a sloppy troff! A little capful goes a long way...and if you dont use it all, save it for later...just add a little water if it gets too thick. This stuff let me finally experience my Fort Troff Cyborg 8.5 fully...what a workout for my hole. My love box is begging for more!

— mjl
April 28 2015

I'm very happy with the quality of your products and your service. I'm going to try the new fist powder out this weekend. I'm stoked about the new formula and not having to shove a water bottle up my ass to get a good base of lube to get things going!

— cdr0513
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May 2 2015

This stuff is awesome. About to order my second bottle! I love how you can mix it to desired thickness. If you have a small bullet size blender, it makes mixing it a breeze. I have using the syringe you can buy separately, I let it sit in hot water in the syringe for a little bit, feels great feeling the thick hot lube filling me up. Really makes for easier anal and hole stretching and sticks to your cock when you want it, while still washing away easy when your done. You guys get too marks here! Woof!

— Kyle
April 28 2016

A truly unique experience! LOVE the appeal of adjusting the mixture, but was pretty tricky to get the proper consistency... Found it was rather hard to measure the proper powder/water ratio. The lube itself feels AMAZING with the proper mixture, but takes some experimentation to get correct.

— NotSoBadDragon
August 4 2016

This is far superior to J-lube in my opinion. It is much easier to mix, and clean up is a snap. I love the super slick consistency. It is easy to mix it to your desired thickness and last a long time. I like the fact that it is stain free, odorless and has no taste. I would recommend this to anyone into serious play.

— Joe
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