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J-Lube Powder

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J-Lube Powder


J-lube powder has been used for years and has a devoted following. BUT...we strongly recommend that you consider our new FIST Powder. Like J-lube, it is super concentrated and ultra slick. Unlike J-lube, FIST powder has been designed for HUMAN use and is certified safe. As an added bonus, FIST has a special formula that means it is NEVER stringy. Unlike J-lube, which can be difficult to clean up, FIST cleans up with water and never stains.

As a convenience to our customers, we continue to offer J-lube. Explore the new FIST Powder using the link below.

This container will make up to 5 gallons of lube.

Clean up requires that you sprinkle salt to decompose it.

Ingredients: Polyethylene polymer, dispering agent.

Not a Medical Device. For anal use only.


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October 24 2012

Super thick and very stringy but its the best for fist fucking! My hungry hole eats up alot of lube and this is the best one out there! You dont have to reapply as often as other lubes and one bottle usually lasts me alot of sessions, I def recomend

— PiggyBottom
April 15 2015

J-lube is a love it or hate it thing. I love it! I fly through tons of lube when I j/o...which is often...I would go broke if I had to buy Wet or ID Glide. Personally I like the stringy slimy texture, makes me feel dirty. I like to keep several bottles handy with thick almost jel for the big toys all the way down to thin. It doesn't stain and I can slip it all over the place and it just peels off the nightstand when it dries. Tried the fist powder but after it sets a while it stinks. Best of all I can fuck nonstop in the hot tub and it doesn't fuck up the filter/ chemicals/ water like the silicone shit does. But be careful. 1 drop on the tile floor and you won't stop sliding until you hit a wall. Grew up in West Texas so the "cow fisting" thing doesn't bother me. I jokingly tell guys "I get my lube from Tractor Supply". 😜

— Brad
June 23 2016

J-lube is what has been missing from my sex life... It's at least 10 times as effective as KY jelly or those thin/weak drug store silicon lubes. I cannot recommend this enough, especially if other lubes have fallen flat or irritated you. A little J-lube powder and water goes a long long way. I'm giving it 4 stars only because I received mine with the seal broken, and it made a bit of an unexpected mess... J-lube stains, btw.

— Canada
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August 2 2016

I love

— Jaime Vaquero M
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