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FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP

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FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP
FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP
FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP
FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP
FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP
FT Cum Lube 64oz Economy PUMP


FT Cum Lube is the closest thing to actual JIZZ in a bottle. THICK 'n CREAMY...just like the spooge wads left dripping from our foreheads! Now it’s in our new Economy PUMP size.

FT Cum Lube is an exclusive hybrid formula with the LONG-LASTING power of silicone 'n the EZ-2-CLEAN factor of H2O-based lubes. Don’t be fooled by imitations! Ours has the look and texture of REAL CREAMY JIZZ. It has a nice SLICK feel and NO weird chemical taste or smell, like some others do.

No wonder it’s the NUMERO UNO lube here at the Fort for 4 years running!

FT Cum Lube plays nice...condom and toy friendly, and won't stain your sheets. We love the FLIP top, which is the simplest way to dispense your next milky LOAD. We are STOKED to introduce this new Economy Size bottle, with a whopping 64oz of JIZZ! Gotta love the hefty PUMP that squirts a load right into the palm of your hand!

If you're like us and can't get ENUFF spooge...you're gonna love FT CUM LUBE.

Here is our 64 oz Economy bottle with a PUMP. Save over 50 Bucks with this massive size.

Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasilozane, Cyclohexasilozane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Glycerine, Methylparaben.

Not a Medical Device. For Anal use Only.


[5 stars based on 10 reviews]
July 1 2016

Best lube on the market! A little goes a long way. Great for extended use. Cleans up easily.

— Phillip
January 8 2016

Favorite lube. Hands down. Finally went for the big size to enjoy with my Uber Luber and other toys for lots of bottom-filled fun.

— RS
November 9 2015

The cum lube, used with all of these toys is wonderful. Easy clean up, lasts and works in out of the shower for whatever you can dream of. Very good product. A little goes along way. I could not be any more happy with this. I have tried Eros, all of them. Water based lubes, MEO German lubes, I feel come in second place behind your cum lube. This hybrid lube cross the gaps between water based, and silicone. Again another home run.

— Home
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May 29 2015

This stuff is fabulous. It really does look, feel and the real deal. I only wish someone would cum up with some that had the taste as well.

— Rob
May 24 2015

My cum lube just arrived and I can't wait to use it. I absolutely loved the last bottle and know that I will love this bottle as well. Thanks for selling such an amazing product!!!!!

— G.R.
May 20 2015

Awesome lube! Feels like the real thing. We use it to inject before penetration and feels so nice and good inside. Never want to run out.

— Skye
May 19 2015

This stuff is great for fueling fantasies and getting you in the right head space for fun. Too bad it doesn't taste like real jizz.

— dwnt27
May 14 2015

Just wanted to tell you guys how I fuckin LOVE Cum Lube! It's the best lube I've ever used! And it looks and feels so much like cum but doesn't get sticky; my man loves it too!

— Sean WV
May 13 2015

WOW, it really does feel and look like cum. I am happy.

— L.G.
May 13 2015

Nice and slick. Great for dick or toys. No foul odor or taste.

— H.G.
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