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FT Cum Lube

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FT Cum Lube
FT Cum Lube
FT Cum Lube
FT Cum Lube
FT Cum Lube
FT Cum Lube
FT Cum Lube


FT Cum Lube is the closest thing to actual JIZZ in a bottle. THICK 'n CREAMY...just like the spooge wads left dripping from our foreheads!

We blended this exclusive hybrid formula with the LONG-LASTING power of silicone 'n the EZ-2-CLEAN factor of H2O-based lubes. We mixed it up to create the look of REAL CREAMY JIZZ. It has a nice SLICK feel and NO weird chemical taste or smell, like some others do.

Our Cum Lube plays nice...condom and toy friendly, and won't stain your sheets. We love the FLIP top, which is the simplest way to dispense your next milky LOAD.

If you're like us and can't get ENUFF spooge...you're gonna love FT CUM LUBE.

Here is our 8 ounce FT Cum Lube bottle.

Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasilozane, Cyclohexasilozane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Glycerine, Methylparaben.

Not a Medical Device. For anal use only.


[4.9 stars based on 38 reviews]
June 27 2017

I'm not really a lube guy. When I jerk off, it's usually dry, spit, or my own pre-cum - anything more and I stop enjoying it. But after getting the free sample from previous purchases, I gave it a skeptical try and now this is my go-to lube. I use it with my toys, I use it solo... I basically use it whenever I get the chance. My only regret is I only ordered one bottle instead of two.

— nerdbit
May 16 2017

This lube is AMAZING! I've used the lube injector/baster that FT also sells to coat the inside of my hole. When I show up at a party to bottom, some of the guys think I've already been bred (which turns them on more seeing this leak out on their tool while they try put their own seed in me).

— Marc
April 18 2017

I don't normally do reviews cause everyone's taste are different. But this lube is the absolute best. It's not tacky and feels amazing being a bottom or top and even just tugging a load out on your own.

— Drew
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April 9 2017

I love ❤️ this product!!!! I have been useing just basic lube for years and thought they were good until I tried this!!!! Omg is feels AMAZING!!! I wish it came in a smaller travel size.

— Ronald
February 20 2017

I just tried out my cum lube, I'm a bottom and my top is rather thick. He fucked me good for 30 minutes or more and I gave out before the lube. Great product for bttms and my top guy like it too

— cjl
February 1 2017

I would happily give pictures if they were allowed. Um, YES, it REALLY looks and feels like cum. If you nuke it for about 30 seconds it is warm and still holds its thickness. LOL Also, makes for a great pic scene. I also bought the big jug with special squirter. I recommend that. If pics are allowed I would happily share them.

— Christopher
November 6 2016

This lube is the best I've ever had. Big cocks slide easily in and so do big toys. Love the look and textures too.... just like cum!!!

— PcolaBottom
November 3 2016

This stuff is fantastic, so realistic. Best I've ever used , no bad taste either

— Dave
October 22 2016

OMG. LOVE IT!!!! It doesn't taste like the real thing, but just looking at it makes you feel arouse. 10 STARS if possible.

— Briann
September 8 2016

Amazing lube!! Love the look and feel like a good cum loving pig!! Just received the 3 pack that was on sale - a heck of a deal don't want to run out of THE BEST LUBE EVER !!!

— John
September 6 2016

Feels like real jizz! I love this lube!

— Kenneth
July 14 2016

After buying Fort Troff cock rings, ball stretchers, electro kit and pup tail, 2 different P-spot toys and some jerk off toys (never shop horny hahaha) I decided to try the Cum Lube. I’ve always enjoyed the free samples that are provided. The price is excellent and the bottle is easy to open when your hands and slippery with cum, piss and lube or rubber gloves and you are trying to see though a gas mask and hood. Speaking of that… I also like that it is rubber friendly, I’m a big rubber gimp/pig depending on the mood, but that’s another story. Please FT sell some rubber gear! I’d rather spend money here than over seas for quality rubber. Also I love that after the lube isn’t sticky and cleans up very easy. I hate that sticky feeling other lubes leave behind. Also I’ve noticed that it doesn’t stain regular sheets and clothing like other lubes. So I have to give it 2 big cum soaked thumbs up (it is real cum or cum lube..damn it looks and feels real)

— Joshua
July 5 2016

This lube is amazing. I'm finishing my first bottle of it and it's the only lube I will use to bttm with. Stays nice and slick without having to keep applying. My top absolutely loves it. I share it with my friends too. Highly recommend and I'll be purchasing another bottle too.

— C.P.
November 15 2015

Love love love this loop I got a free sample In the mail with my order And I will definitely be ordering this The next time I order

— big d
September 26 2015

Good quality product. Fun To play with. Great to Jack Off with. Decent for penetration. However there is no extended period, i definitely had to continue to re-apply because it does become a little tacky after fucking a little while. But once that bug is handled this will be the Ultimate lube in the universe.

— Marc Bottom
June 3 2015

Great product but sadly now we can assume that many bareback videos are all fake using fake cum.

— Ron B
May 28 2015

The idea of cum all over me was fun. But, its one of the only lube products out there that is water based that doesn't feel like watery lube that you just rolls down a toy. It feels like a mix of cream, crisco and water all packed in one. And the clean up takes seconds.

— darkcurlylocks
May 28 2015

This stuff is fabulous. It really does look, feel and the real deal. I only wish someone would cum up with some that had the taste as well.

— Rob
May 2 2015

Nice and slick. Great for dick or toys. No foul odor or taste.

— Bonegardener
April 29 2015

This lube is perfect, looks just like a massive load and feels like the real thing. Perfect lube!

— Trip H
April 28 2015

LOVE the Cum Lube! It looks good and feels even better.

April 28 2015

I just received my order today with the cum lube and the colon snake. Of course, like any good little piggy i had to experiment immediately. I just wanted to say thank you. I rarely ever write reviews. I'm a firm believer in getting what you pay for and damn y'all delivered! Just about the most intense orgasm i think I've ever had. Keep the good stuff cumming! Us pigs will definitely buy!

— Willis in TX
April 28 2015

Just wanted to tell you guys how I fuckin LOVE Cum Lube! It's the best lube I've ever used! And it looks and feels so much like cum but doesn't get sticky; my man loves it too!

— Sean wv
April 2 2015

Awesome lube! Feels like the real thing. We use it to inject before penetration and feels so nice and good inside. Never want to run out.

— Skye
December 20 2014

Once again, the Sarge delivers! Seeing the look on a pig's face, when he reaches down and feels this hot lube dripping from his fucked hole, is only surpassed by the other pig's face when you push it down to slurp it all up! Great for beating off that morning load. The pump makes for easy dispensing. Highly recommended!

— Daddy Bryan
December 19 2014

I am completely enjoying using the Raw Dawg and the cum lube. This is the best lube I have ever used. It is not sticky and lasts for a long time. Thank you!

— RM
December 9 2014

My husband loves to jack off with my cum, so I thought, what better way to get him more into sex than using a lube from the start that turned him on. While the lube dries out faster than I would like, the texture and feel and look is perfect. I'm only giving it four stars though, because it does dry out fairly quickly (and I find it just as annoying once dried to get off of me as the real thing, which could be a plus, I guess, for some looking for a "real" substitute).

— Ashaven
October 31 2014

can I buy stock in this?!? this stuff is so fucking hot. love to jack my dick with this, really does feel like cum. even more, love to fuck and get fucked with this. lubing up my cock and shoving it in a tight hole, best thing ever! cant use to much of this, or to little. my boyfriend and I have to order more when we get down to 1 bottle, with this stuff, its so easy to keep fucking long into the night.

— Eli
October 18 2014

This stuff is great for fueling fantasies and getting you in the right head space for fun. Too bad it doesn't taste like real jizz.

— dwnt27
June 8 2014

I bought a bottle of this Lube and just wanted to say that this Lube is the very best I have found and used. It doesnt have a nasty taste and looks so much like real JIZZ it's unreal. It goes on snooth and keeps working when a lot of other Lubes start gumming up and slowing your fuck down. The only problem I have with is Lube is the wrapper on the bottle. Once you tear away the part at the top to be able to use the Lube the wrapper has a tendency to slid up over the flip open lid and if you are not careful you can waste a lot of the Lube. Just need to get the wrapper to stay in place or print everything directly onto the bottle would be a big help. Other than that this IS THE BEST LUBE I HAVE EVER CUM WITH OR BEEN FUCKED WITH !

— Jake
June 4 2014

This stuff is really cool! It really looks like cum. A great product and it's slick too.

— Jay
March 30 2014

this stuff is the best it not sticky after words and feels just like cum i will only have this from now on

— jc
March 8 2014

I'll always prefer natural lubricants. But FT Cum Lube is so fun to play with!!

— peaceofmindmyk
February 17 2014

I'm very happy with the Raw Dawg and cum lube I recently ordered. Both more than exceeded my expectations. I did actually share the raw dawg recently with an escort and my massage therapist, both enjoyed how it felt around their cocks and I loved how they were able to pound my ass longer and harder. I do need to order more cum lube as we used the entire bottle during the 12 hour session with the escort.

— Steve
February 3 2014

My cum lube just arrived and I can't wait to use it. I absolutely loved the last bottle and know that I will love this bottle as well. Thanks for selling such an amazing product!!!!!

— G.R
February 3 2014

WOW, it really does feel and look like cum. I am happy.

— L.G.
January 1 2014

Great value and something a bit different to plain lube. Really great stuff. Wish it didn't dry so quick but I can deal with that. 5 stars!

— J.L
0 0

Really like hove silky smooth this feels while on. It really doesn't leave any kind of mess. Love this stuff. I will be using this all the time

— Chuck
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