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Sling Springs

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Sling Springs
Sling Springs
Sling Springs
Sling Springs


Springs add a whole NEW range of motion to your sling.

Springs give you a feeling of being weightless. You experience a floating sensation. Our springs have exactly the right tension, not too firm and not too bouncy.

One of my Top buddies put it this way: "They add a whole new deal to fucking, nothing like having your cock in hole that is moving in 4 directions. And if you are getting fucked, you are getting drilled back, forward, up and down. WOOF!"

You get a set of 4 Springs, that will work on any type of Sling. Available ONLY at Fort Troff.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently out of stock of the black springs as shown in the photos. The springs you will receive will be SILVER.


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May 19 2014

A Sling with springs is like getting fucked with lube instead of being done raw. It gives you a greater mind blowing fuck every time! You’re not only relaxing swinging back & forth while getting pounded by a cock, you soon get a weightless like bouncing that massages your hole and prostate in a cum blowing experience. As you move in 3 directions, the cock inside you is ground against all areas of your ass’s walls. The Top is going to feel you hole gripping & sucking his rod at every conceivable angle which will drive you both wild. Once you've had springs, you’ll never want to go back. It is like getting fucked in space and you'll never want to cum down.

— Mark