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FT Playsheet KIT >>> KING

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FT Playsheet KIT >>> KING
FT Playsheet KIT >>> KING
FT Playsheet KIT >>> KING
FT Playsheet KIT >>> KING


Unlike others, ours absolutely positively NEVER leaks. The surface of the sheets is velvet SMOOTH...better than ANY we've ever it feels GOOD against bare skin.

Don't ya HATE having play sheets that ride up and pop off the mattress the minute you start an INSANE pounding session? So that's why ours are engineered to STAY matter what madness you get into. They have STRONG elastic that keeps the surface taut...and a cross-strap on the edges for an XTRA measure of security. Our pillowcases have strong Velcro closures to keep 'em in place.

Our sheets are remarkably light weight and can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat. We've rigorously tested the quality and durability, and back 'em with a ONE YEAR guarantee.

You get the complete KIT: A fitted King Size Playsheet and 2 Pillow cases. All made from a supple fabric that NEVER leaks and designed to ANCHOR to your mattress.

FT Ultimate Playsheets are made from 100 pct polyester. Outer shell is 100 pct polyurethane. Our sheets do have one seam, but this in no way affects their ability to be COMPLETELY leak-proof.

Care Instructions: Machine wash. Tumble dry LOW heat. Do not iron or dry clean. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Our fitted sheet is designed to fit a King Size bed and measure 76 x 80 inches. The sheet is deep enough to accommodate nearly all Pillow Top mattresses. Made in China.


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May 24 2015

There are great! Very smart design. They have straps at each corner so you can get is hooked over each corner with the strap before going backand securing the sheet. I wish all my sheets were made like this. They seem well made.. And I like the pillow cases too. Now all I need is a top sheet and I can use then as my regular sheets. Woof!

— Wolf In Red
April 18 2015

I got this for fun, thinking it would just sit around in a box and only use it once in a while with my playmates, but boy was I wrong. this with the under the bed restraints, and the leg sling thrown in for good measure, and we cant stop fucking. with this, can play as hard as you want, not having to sorry about getting lube and cum all over your sheets, or using towels. who wants to worry about that when all you want to do is fuck or get fucked and not worry about anything else!! great addition to any bedroom for some serious fucking fun.

— Eli
March 12 2015

These are sturdy, high quality playsheets with elastic all the way around and thick elastic straps at the corners so they don't move at all. They feel great and clean up easy. Can't beat 'em; especially at this price.

— Talljock2k
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June 3 2015

We just used our King Size Flat Play Sheet. It got abused to say the least. The only thing that got more abused was the hot submissive boy that was taking…or trying to take…everything coming his way. We had the most incredible hot raw action we've ever had. If we had to place the credit somewhere…we thought we might as well give credit to the sheet. We don't want to swell the boy's head.

— J.L.
June 27 2015

Pig sheet are the best idea, so I can play as hard as I want, not having to sorry about getting lube and cum all over my sheets, bc using towels doesn't work. When all you want to do is fuck or get fucked and not worry about anything else, this is the product for you. The only thing is that the sheet don 't absorb sweat, but if your having fun you won't notice it.

— Joshua
July 4 2015

Just had my piggiest night ever, covered in lube, sweat, piss, and cum while my mattress stayed completely clean and dry. These are amazingly well made and if the waterproof coating really holds up to washing as promised they will truly be worth every penny.

— Happy Jock
August 30 2015

Had the hottest, piggiest, intense, raw, messy, 3 way in a long time with these sheets. We had piss, sweat, spit, cum, lube - you name it - just a fuckin nasty hot fuckin time and my mattress stayed in perfect condition! Well worth the price!!! HIGHLY recommend for all the hot pigs out there! OINK!

— mafonelover
September 22 2015

This was probably the best purchase I have made. Their pictures say it all my real sheets had been ruined many times, this play sheet looked just like their demo, rode hard, lube everywhere.. Put them in the washer, like brand new and ready to go again. The Velcro in the pillow cases and the straps have a odor that will probably fade as many times as these are going to get used. #piggyplay Fantastic.

— James
July 23 2016

This is a update to my earlier review. I have had this for a year now and again, it was the best purchase I have ever made. I have washed it over 50 times dried it in the dryer, and the middle seam hasn't budged its in great shape (Other than one of the corner stays thread came loose). This sheet has seen serious abuse. Every kind of lube and well.. fluids. After action you just pop it off and throw it in the washer. I even wash it on super hot to get it clean. Amazing, I might buy a backup! BUY THIS!

— James
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