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FT GLOW Cock Ring 40 % OFF

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FT GLOW Cock  Ring 40 % OFF
FT GLOW Cock  Ring 40 % OFF
FT GLOW Cock  Ring 40 % OFF
FT GLOW Cock  Ring 40 % OFF
FT GLOW Cock  Ring 40 % OFF
FT GLOW Cock  Ring 40 % OFF


Former price: $16

SALE: Save 40 PCT on the FT Glow Cock Ring.

FT GLOW Cock Ring gives you a bright 'n shiny BONE. This cock ring is made of premium GLOW-tech silicone. It's totally adjustable...engineered as a classic cock lasso. Tug it as SNUG as you need.

Now when you're in a dark backroom you can leave your damn phone OFF...and pull out your cock. Fuck yeah!

Forget those weak-ass orange glow rings of the past. FT GLOW Cock Ring is seriously BRITE...and the colors are exact. Grab 'em in Circuit Blue or Neon Orange. Our Neon Orange glows PINK under Blacklight.

Charge it under a light during the day...play in the DARK at night.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Safe with ANY lube. Wash clean with warm soap and water...or with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: Each cock ring cord measures 10.3 inches. One size fits MOST.


[4.5 stars based on 10 reviews]
April 25 2017

First off it works very well. I love how easy it is to get on and off and you can might the fit as tight as you like it. It's fun to tun the lights off and see it glow helps you find your spot.

— Aldo
April 25 2017

The fun of glow-in-the-dark especially when my partner wears the one I got for him when I'm wearing mine. Turn the lights out and the fun begins! Would like to have more colors to pick from

— JW
April 24 2017

The glowing effect. WAY COOL!! Very easy to put on and ware all day. MORE COLORS please.

— Pierce
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April 22 2017

I like that you can adjust it to tightened it and the glow in the dark feature is really cool. I could ware it all day. It would be nice if it were easier to tighten and loosen

— Ronnie
April 21 2017

The glow! Love wearing it at night in my hot tub! Super cool product. Would love to have more colors to choose from.

— R.S.
April 19 2017

Easy to put on, adjust, and remove. Great for sex but a larger size would be nice

— Joe
April 18 2017

Th smoothness and slim features. It's not as thick as the regular one. Hot for play but would be nice if it were brighter.

— Bob
April 13 2017

The intensity of the glow is terrific. Offer in different sizes. When mine is tight it has a lot of excess on the other end of the locking mechanism that can get in the way of play.

— Tom
April 13 2017

The favorite thing about the cock ring is that I'm able to adjust it to how tight or how loose I want it.

— Heath
April 10 2017

Great functionality and eye catching. I'm happy. You guys rock!

— R.
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