Holes love a HEAVYWEIGHT 
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Bum Blaster Snake

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Bum Blaster Snake
Bum Blaster Snake
Bum Blaster Snake
Bum Blaster Snake


Yeah you could say that FT Grunts are EXPERTS at cleaning holes. That's why the crew is so STOKED about the FT Bum Blaster SNAKE male enema hose. There is no better way to clean...as deep as you wanna go! But newbies, don't let the LONG 18 inch nozzle scare you. Pop just 6 inches in your hole, and you are gonna get clean quicker and more completely than EVER.

The secret of the SNAKE is the quite skinny flexible hose that is made especially for FAST hole cleaning. Made of natural rubber, it BENDS and TWISTS and goes right in with comfort. Notice that the water comes out the SIDE of the tip...this is why it cleans so fast and thoroughly. We guarantee your COMPLETE satisfaction.

The FT Bum Blaster SNAKE is made of non-latex natural rubber.

FT Bum Blaster SNAKE works with ANY standard shower shot. Or...better yet...get our complete KIT...with everything you need to hook it up to your shower. Pick one up using the link below.


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February 24 2017

This thing is amazing. It really does clean you out fast. A deep clean in half the time it used to take using a bulb douche. Definitely worth the upgrade.

— Forrest
November 11 2015

I have always used the FT Primo Shower shot and decided to upgrade to the snake. This was a great purchase. I would suggest purchasing the kit so you know you get the right thread for the snake. Although this is a standard size it winds up being easier to just get the whole package. I have each of mine hooked up to its own hose and it makes it so much easier when using. Having the water spray out the side of the product is genius, this give the ability to really twist the blaster 360 degrees and really get everything super clean. I have to say I have never been clean that deep. Even if you don't need to be clean that deep it is well worth it, I felt very refreshed after a deep clean. I would recommend this over any of the cheaper knock offs. Quality material and super soft insertion. Worth every penny, now that I have this product and used it I would have to say it is worth so much more. Great Price! Love it!

October 6 2015

Threads perfectly onto my existing shower hose. Shoved this baby up my ass for the first time this morning in the shower. WOW! What a feeling and what a cleaning! This is THE product for any guy who wants to be super clean up there! Best I've ever used!

— Eric
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October 17 2014

If you are looking to get cleaned out good and deep this is what you need!

— Rich B.
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