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FT John Jet

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FT John Jet
FT John Jet
FT John Jet
FT John Jet
FT John Jet


We get it. Cleaning out is a pain in the ass. Runnin’ back and forth from the shower to the toilet makes a damn mess…and it takes FOREVER.

Lose your old-skool douches…we got something better. The FT John Jet Douche is the faster one-stop cleaner. Just SIT and slide the comfort silicone nozzle in your hole. The thumb pressure gauge lets you control the pressure goin’ in your ass. Skip the shower, skip the mess…the FT John Jet was made for Grunts lookin’ to GET IN, GET OUT, and get LAID.

INSTALLATION: No need to call a plumber. Turn off your water and screw the John Jet hose to the water pressure valve at the base of your toilet. It takes SECONDS to install, so you leave it ‘n forget it.

If you have a really old-skool toilet with a rigid water supply line, the FT John Jet will be a bit trickier to install…but not impossible. Takes minutes to install on ALL new model toilets…all you need is a pair of pliers.

DIMENSIONS: The hose is 60 inches long. The Bum Blaster Nozzle measures 8 inches in length. It fits all standard half-inch threads.

DETAILS: Materials are aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. Includes one dual control valve, one hose, one water flow valve, one nozzle, one hanging hook, one attachment holder, 2 screws, 2 screw fasters, and 2 caps. We include simple instructions.


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August 11 2016

I had been jumping out of the shower to toilet. No more!

— Vec
August 11 2016

I like all the accessories that come with it. The diverted and the control valve. I really liked the holder that clips on the toilet.

— NY
August 10 2016

Finally someone put the douche attached to the toilet where it should be instead of making one do the "hold it" dance from the tub to the toilet.

— Br
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August 10 2016

It's quick, neat and easy to use.

— Nic
November 27 2016

I'm wondering if the John jet has a quick disconnect so when I company over (like mom) the John jet doesn't have to be sitting in view .

— Douglas jeffries
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