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FT Bum Blaster >>> STANDARD

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FT Bum Blaster >>> STANDARD
FT Bum Blaster >>> STANDARD
FT Bum Blaster >>> STANDARD


FT Bum Blaster is the ONLY douche that rivals the traditional shower shot for EFFECTIVENESS. The secret is our ONE WAY flow bulb...a real cleaning GAME CHANGER. Designed just for us at the Fort by Perfect Fit.

How is this better? The typical douche pushes water IN when you squeeze, then sucks it back OUT when you let go. This is NOT an efficient way to clean. With the FT Bum Blaster, you get a SUPER strong shot of water, and NO back flow.

The Bum Blaster holds a generous 10 ounces of water in a new water-tight design. The textured bulb is easy to grip and is made of Phthalate free TPR and meets EN-713 standards.

Here is our Standard version Bum Blaster. It comes with a super-slick premium ABS plastic nozzle that is 5 inches long. We also include a MINI 3-inch stowaway tip nozzle, perfect for travel.

The FT Bum Blaster is FULLY BACKED by our ONE YEAR guarantee for your complete satisfaction. If you don't agree that this is the BEST douche you have ever owned, we will gladly arrange a credit.


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May 15 2016

After spending much time and research on all different brands and sizes of douches, I'm so happy I went with this particular brand. This really does get you super squeaky clean in one shot I know when I've used my shower shit there's no worries about the rest of my night.

— Corey
February 5 2016

This product is great. Probably the best thing I've purchased so far. Sends a strong steam of water to clean us bttms out... Pun intended!

— Shannon
January 20 2016

Best purchase ever, now I can have a lot of sex without any "accidents" at all....perfect clean!

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October 22 2015

It really is the best douche I've ever owned, so easy to use and is really effective at cleaning you out.

— Stuart
October 3 2015

love my blaster! simple and effective way to get really clean really fast. since getting mine i'm bottoming with confidence and more than ever!

— PeppermintJack
October 1 2015

The nozzle was smooth and didn't scratch as it was inserted.When cleaning I noticed no particles, so it really does only flow one way.

— KS
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