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FT Commando Cock


FT Commando Cock
FT Commando Cock
FT Commando Cock


The Commando Cock is PURE silicone...in tough, solid CAMO. Premium SILICONE is the BEST material to fuck yourself. FT Commando Cock has unbeatable smoothness and maximum durability...PURE silicone with no added bullshit. Other blends have skin irritants and get sticky...not this one. Our PRIMO formula lets you focus on taking it all the way to the balls. Ride it bitch...that’s a command.

This cock is FIRM, not like our mega-soft Real Deal cocks. It’s a great hole trainer for guys who like ‘em HARD. Solid, firm cocks train your ass to OPEN.

The suction base is among the BEST we’ve ever carried. FT Commando Cock holds like a BEAST. Slap it to any SMOOTH surface...it’s staying put.

CARE AND CLEAN: As with all silicone, water-based lubes are recommended. We suggest using ANY lube you want...just wash it thoroughly after EVERY use. Please understand that using silicone and oil based lubes can shorten the lifespan of any silicone product...especially if you don’t keep ‘em clean. Wash with warm soapy water...or better yet with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Store separately from all other toys and cock rings. Store in a cool place...away from heat and light.

DIMENSIONS: This is a beginner/intermediate size...not too damn big. Great for ass training and hole play. 5.3 inches at max circumference. 7 inches in total length. 6 inches insertable length.