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FT Nut Locker

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FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker
FT Nut Locker


It doesn’t matter if you’re a ballstretchin’ newbie or longtime pro. Get that mind-numbingly HOT sensation of having your nuts tugged away from your junk...ready to lick, torture, tug, tap, ‘n BOUNCE when you stroke. The FT Nut Locker is our most ergonomic, EASIEST ballstretcher EVER.

We sweated the details over our meticulous design. We used ULTRA soft silicone with mild stretch, so you can slide your balls in NO PROBLEM. The smooth, curved lips grip your nuts without pinchin’ or pullin’ hair. The opening funnels into a slightly narrower middle, givin’ you a gentle, natural-feeling grip. The knobbed base gently nudges your balls apart, maximizing that hot stretch feeling. The subtle bumps nestle in your sac, givin’ you a freeballin’ feeling ‘n smooth, EZ tug.

And wait till you see how your balls LOOK when you wear it.

DIMENSIONS: The FT Nut Locker has an inner diameter of 1.26 inches, which of course stretches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Wipe clean with mild soap and warm water...or better yet, with our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately from other silicone toys. Water based lubes recommended.


[4.8 stars based on 6 reviews]
February 13 2017

All I can say is I LOVE this stretcher. Woth twice the price. I wear this all the tome even to work Love the tugging all day long Pat Dallas TX

— Patrick
October 19 2016

The new Nut Locker is great. Just stretchy enough to get it on and shaped well enough to keep unruly boys under control. The design and manufacturing are the best i've seen from you yet!!!

— Christian
October 1 2016

As my first Fort Troff purchase and as a newbie to ballstretching, this toy is a pretty solid one. It was shockingly soft and smooth, much more so than I expected and it felt/looked great to jack off in (It really makes your nuts stick out and forward lol). I guess my only gripe is that it does pinch a little when worn under clothes. (I wanted to wear a ballstretcher throughout the day under my clothes for kicks haha) and the material does encourage a bit of sweating. I think for what I wanted, I should've gone with the metal Magno Trainer. Otherwise, pretty great all around.

— Alex
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December 10 2016

I've purchased a few cock rings but this is my first dedicated ball stretcher. COMFORT is the first word that comes to mind. It feels great. I've worn mine for extended periods of time and I love it. It really gets my piggy mind going all day.

— Ft Campbell LT
November 9 2016

Great feel and looks as most ballstretchers roll off this one does not! I love the nice tight feel it gives and it really conforms to my body.

— Kalvin
January 18 2017

I've never been into ball strechers until i saw this FT new one. So glad i did easy on keep on for long times love wearing mine to work. Another home run for FT great for a novice

— Patrick Walsh
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