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Style# 12902-L

FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE

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FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE
FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE
FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE
FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE
FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE
FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE
FT NEO Ball Banger >>> LARGE


FT Grunts agree that NEOPRENE rules! It provides the support of old-skool leather cock rings...BUT feels so much better against the skin. And unlike leather, it flexes and bends with every THRUST. You get ALL DAY comfort. It warms instantly to the skin, with a super SMOOTH surface that is friction-free.

FT NEO Ball Banger is a 2 in 1 meat pleaser! Your nuts are gonna get a delicious stretch. AND your cock gets all the support it needs to stay ROCK hard.

Equipped with 3 snaps on the COCK strap, and 2 snaps on the BALL strap...you can get precisely the RIGHT amount of tightness. We even sweated the details on the snaps...making sure they click into place with quick precision. Made of high tech plastic, our snaps are super strong...and they will NEVER rust.

Gotta love the fact that our FT NEO Ball Banger is safe with ALL lubes. To clean, wash in warm water and pat dry.

Here is the LARGE version. Hardcore fuckers who have been playin' ball for a while, can go with the TALL...for 1.5 inches of FUCK YEAH stretch.

Either way, strap it around your meat n' nuts...use it HARD. If you don't LOVE it...let us know. We fully GUARANTEE your pre-cum drippin' satisfaction!


[5 stars based on 1 reviews]
July 9 2016

I always have issues rings or any sort of cock/ball restraints. Most are way too tight and I can't wear them very long, and most pull hair or hurt my sensitive skin. That is not the case here. I love this thing. It's amazingly comfortable. I would wear it all the time other than it definitely is noticeable under clothes! Not a subtle as a ring, but man, I dig that pull! Good price too.

— Bob