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Cock Plug

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Cock Plug
Cock Plug
Cock Plug
Cock Plug
Cock Plug
Cock Plug
Cock Plug


Cock Plug, cum plug, is a classic shape that we’ve all seen in metal…but WAY better now in soft n’ stretchy medical-grade SILICONE.

So much easier to wrap around your cock head and insert. The stretchy glans ring keeps Cock Plug in place…so you’ve got HANDS FREE sounds play. And while it WON’T stop all your cum from oozing out…the sensation when you BLOW is so fuckin’ intense!

Choose from Red, Metallic Grey, and Black.

Diameter of Glans Ring: 35 mm/1.25 inch (interior diameter of glans ring)
Diameter of Plug: 8.5 mm/.32 inch
Insertable Depth: 57 mm/2.25 inch


[4.4 stars based on 6 reviews]
May 5 2016

WOW! FUCKING...WOW! My cock plug arrived today, man that was some fast setvice. I appreciate the General and all the grunts making every effort to get my stuff to me fast. THANKS! No problem putting it on. The feel of the plug entering my cock made my knees week. It felt so good i had to pound put a load, the cock plug adds another level of amazing pleasure . The cock plug kicks ass,

— Wes
January 19 2016

It's nice but doesn't fit my "avg" size cock very well. Wish it was smaller to stay on better. It is fun to loop in and out my PA hole.

— LRKnki
October 7 2015

I absolutely love this thing. It fits me perfectly. And it is just so comfortable, I fell asleep with it in after bustin' a nut. Of course when I woke up the next morning, I jerked again before I too it off. It's great.

— Tony
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August 12 2015

Fit my cock perfectly. The plug is positioned nicely and slides right in. Very comfortable and very hot.

— Charles Wilson
August 10 2015

Looks good and feels good on. Good quality!

— vash750
August 10 2015

I bought this cock plug in conjunction with the four hole fucker, which I love. But, the cock plug was a bit busy for me. I found the ring impeded the most sensitive part of my cock, and trying to beat off, and hold the ring in place, (kept slipping off) was a bit too much. I could not make it work, however hard I tried. I guess I am a singular kind of guy.

— Jeremy Andrews
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