Get a BIGGER meatier bulge. 
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FT Freeballer Cock Ring

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FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring
FT Freeballer Cock Ring


The natural fit FT Freeballer gently tugs your cock ‘n balls AWAY for a hot, free-swingin’ FEEL.

You’ll see the extended lip design...bigger than standard cock rings...that fits your junk RIGHT. It pushes your cock ‘n balls out...swingin’…for a HOT, freeballing feeling.

FT Freeballer is made of premium velvet-smooth SILICONE. Wont’ pull hair or irritate skin. It has mild stretch, guaranteeing a snug fit...not too unbearably tight.

CARE N'CLEAN: Use any damn lube you want...just remember to wash it off when you’re done. FT Silicone is dishwasher safe. Place on the top rack. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water...or better yet with our Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: Un-stretched inner diameter is 1.6 inches. Full cock ring is 5 inches long.


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April 29 2017

Pretty badass but I think it should come in different sizes.

— Filiberto
April 7 2017

Wow!!!, firm snug fit and awesome feel. Probably could be worn all day, pure awesome cock and ball sac fun.

— nonstop
April 5 2017

Everything is fantastic. Your organization has the best products and service to match. The Freeballer puts an end to that uptight feeling you get in winter

— Bruce
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March 28 2017

The pros: Significant bulge created. Surprisingly comfortable-once you're able to get it on (see cons) The cons: Even with some preliminary stretching of the cockring, this thing was really difficult to put on, for me. Kind of painful to take off (since my balls are large). Also, being significantly less endowed than the model, I found that with everything pushed up and forward it actually reduced my total available flaccid size. Overall, I like it, it feels pretty damn sexy once it's on.

— Homoerotique
March 1 2017

This is the best cock ring I have ever used! Firm and gentle. I love the free-balling feeling it gives. Highly recommended!

— DG
February 24 2017

THE BEST cockring around! I've tried dozens and this perfect product is what I was always seeking. It fits great and feels great... def no hard tugging or too tight. Really lets my junk and balls swing and sway under my work pants giving them total freedom all day long! I've never found anything like this before. Especially, for guys that are larger than average, the comfort of the Freeballer lives up to its name!

— Basco
January 20 2017

This cockring is everything! I have had mine for a few weeks now it is so comfortable I wear it all day with no problems. I have really sensitive skin I have to be really careful with what I put on my skin and I have had no problem with this silicon! This silicon is crazy soft, the fit is perfect for me, and it doesn't pull on hair or skin. I think this is a great buy especial for the price point. Plus most importantly makes my cock look great.

— The Pervy Sage
January 11 2017

I love that free balling feeling and highly recommend it. Very comfortable!!!

— T.B.
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