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FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK

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FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK


Our FT RAW Grunt Ring 2.0 was engineered to be STRONGER than the original, with reinforced grip. And it’s CLEAR…so you can SEE your cock throbbing.

The RAW Grunt Ring is the perfect POCKET Cock Ring. It’s made out of our FT RAW material, the same ultra-stretch gel as our Raw Pup. Forget those harsh pube-eating jelly cock rings of the past. Nothing feels smoother or more NATURAL on your skin. You forget you’re wearing it…while your meat stays hard and swingin’.

The RAW Grunt Ring cums in a 3-PACK...so you always have a backup. Wrap one around your nuts for a gentle tug…use another as a cock ring. DOUBLE ‘em up for a tighter fit.

CARE N’ CLEAN: Safe with any lube. The RAW Grunt is made of super stretchy TPE. Clean up with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner…soap and water…or bleach solution. Rinse with water and allow to dry completely before storing. Store separately from other toys.

DIMENSIONS: While it stretches over 300 PCT, the FT RAW Grunt Ring has an inner diameter is .3 inches. Total diameter is 1.75 inches.


[4 stars based on 4 reviews]
March 19 2017

Ordered the three pack of the grunt cock rings, got them very quickly, opened it up and stretched them out and the first ripped right through! The second and third were just fine, and they feel awesome, love the bulge! I got hold of FT customer service, just to let them know the one cock ring broke, not worried about a replacement or refund or anything, the next thing I know, a brand new three pack is on it's way! Every other item ordered from FT has been awesome, one bad ring, and they send three...love these guys, love their products and love their commitment to making sure the customer get what he wants! I only wish I could go higher than 5 stars.

— Joe
February 6 2017

Love the feel and stretch these have. Use all 3 and the combos are endless! Comfortable and doesn't pull on your hairs. Buy these!

— Benjamin
January 3 2017

Fucking love my Grunts. They feel great and can wear them for days. Recommending them to all my playmates.

— Phillip
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December 2 2016

Love the material and feel as it doesnt pull on any hair and is my new favorite cockring!

— Xaviar
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