Get a BIGGER meatier bulge. 
Style# 03001-YLW

FT Breedwell GLOW Harness >>> YELLOW



FT Breedwell GLOW Harness >>> YELLOW
FT Breedwell GLOW Harness >>> YELLOW
FT Breedwell GLOW Harness >>> YELLOW
FT Breedwell GLOW Harness >>> YELLOW


FT Breedwell GLOW Harness is our FIRST Light-Up fuck gear at the Fort. This classic two-loop shoulder harness is constructed of lightweight heavy-duty nylon with built-in LEDs. This harness glows true-to-color...not like that off-white circuit gear of the past...that sputters out right when you hit your groove. Cums in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Our GLOW Harness has 2 settings...nonstop GLOW mode or flashing STROBE. Fully charged, the battery lasts 6-8 hours on GLOW...or 22 hours on STROBE. Switch from GLOW to STROBE with one click.

Each strap is has a separate mini USB port to charge the battery. Two charge cords are included. Charge 'em up for 2.5 hours before you head out for a max charge...then play hard.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Sweatproof and weatherproof. USB ports are covered with a tight plastic strip which must be removed before charging and replaced after charging to protect the battery packs from all that sweat you're gonna be dripping. Wipe clean with a mild household cleaner.

SIZING: FT Breedwell GLOW Harnesses are very adjustable...with a removable metal cap on the end of the pull strap. Once adjusted to your exact fit the excess strap can be cut and the metal cap replaced.

One size fits MOST. Size range for MAX comfort is between chest measurements 36 inches and 50 inches.