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Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF

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Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF
Viper Sport Jock 3-PACK >>> 55% OFF


Former price: $45

SALE: Save 55 PCT on the Viper Sport Jock 3-Pack.

FT GRUNT undergear is the HIGHEST reviewed product at Fort Troff. We deliver INSANE quality and value…with our 3 PACK.

We went to the SAME factory that makes Under Armour and designed our own sleek poly/spandex fabric. We think our fabric is even BETTER…it has a soft n sexy feel with incredible stretch. The pouch area is made of mesh…so it BREATHES…for all damn day comfort.

Here is the Sport Jock, with a fully formed MESH pouch that frames and supports your MEAT. Leg straps are made of PREMIUM fabric that hold their shape and never bind too tight.

You get 3 Jocks for one INSANE price. Waistband accent colors are Red, White, and Blue.

CARE: Made of 84 pct polyester and 16 pct spandex. Wash cold. Low heat tumble dry. No bleach or ironing. You will be super-impressed with our durability!


Small is for waist sizes 28-30 inches.
Medium is for waist sizes 30-32 inches.
Large is for waist sizes 32-34 inches.
X-Large is for waist sizes 35-37 inches.


[5 stars based on 18 reviews]
September 29 2016

Favorite thing about my new Viper Jock is the splash of color. The straps keep my ass & other goods in firm place. No constrictions at all. Worn a few times & have yet to fade like some from other companies.

— Rnt
July 13 2016

these jocks are amazing, very comfortable, i wear ball weights and stretchers and these have amazing support for long term wear

— Ken
January 19 2016

Comfortable, breathable fit. Straps give a nice lift and pouch is perfectly are very few jockstraps that provide style and comfort. This ranks high up there.I'm purchasing other styles after the experience with this purchase.

— Richard V
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December 15 2015

These are some of the most comfortable jocks I've worn! I just wish they came in more colors so I could get more!

— THard19
December 27 2015

These jocks are great fitting and a real bargain at three for $40. The pouch has enough fabric to accommodate. The waist band and seat straps are comfortable, don't roll up. They wash great. I always hang mine to dry. The dryer destroys elastic. You won't be disappointed!

— Kevin
January 1 2016

I can't say more about these jockstraps! I've worn one every day since they arrived. Thank you forttroff for offering the perfect jock for everyday wear!

— B
January 3 2016

Great jock!!! Best fitting jock I have found. Great quality and feel. You will not be disappointed. Bands do not roll. Will be buying more, wish more colors were available.

— J
January 14 2016

My last purchase from this Outstanding company was the FT jock 3 pack with a FT grunt cock ring! LOVE THEM! I also purchased the Unit X cockring! I've never liked wearing jocks in the past because they never fit! For those that are blessed with a nice FULL package & a small waist, THESE ARE FOR YOU!! My issue has always been the right waist size causes a Smaller pouch with no real stretch so all your goods slide out! Pointless! These are very lite, breathable & STRETCHY! Even with all of my various rings on I can still stay in the jock! So comfortable! I HIGHLY RECOMEND YOUR JOCK STRAPS! I'd also like to say, the Fort Troff team & company are absolutely increadible! Reliable, trustworthy & deliver a far superior product! If you have to talk with any of the "Grunts", you will be amazed by there friendliness, courtesy, urgency & full knowledge of their products! I've made several purchases & I know 100% I'll purchase more without hesitation!

— Dean Egner
January 3 2016

The soft mesh pouch is comfortable and sexy. I love that it rides low on the waist/hips too.

January 7 2016

Wasitband is comfortable. The colors are great. Only critique is wish the pouch was roomier, but I am a bigger guy, so it could just be me.

— Kevin D
January 8 2016

I wear these all day. Such great underwear.The mesh keeps you cool and the fit is right. I can't wait for more color options

— Dbg
January 16 2016

These are super comfortable and sexy.I have to say I have a bunch of different brands of jocks and the ft grunt jock is in my top 3 of the most comfortable I have ever owned. I wouldn't have to think twice about ordering more underwear from Fort Troff.

— RRanch
April 30 2016

Unbelievably comfortable. Contours to your cock without being overly tight or snug.

— Vincent
January 22 2016

The fabric is very comfortable. The pouch breathes well so you can wear it for the whole day. More options as far as colors would be a great improvement, but other than that they are really great.

— Edgar
January 28 2016

I absolutely love these new jocks. They really are comfortable; am just now getting to try one, and I really like them. If I may make one suggestion, a little contour in the pouch would knock it outta the park for me. Outside of that though, I have not experienced another jock this comfortable. I really like the added band on the sides of the pouch, and the thick leg straps. The mesh is really comfortable too...looking forward to the gym tomorrow to see how cool it will keep me during my workout; pretty certain I will not be disappointed!

— Alan
0 0

FT jocks are amazing. Great fabric, awesome design, perfect support. Can't go wrong with it. They are perfect for both use. I wear it at the office and for some hot fun after the office.I strongly recommend any of their product to anyone. I just love your product.

— Champ
February 15 2016

Super comfy for all day (and night) wear! Good price, good fit, and super sexy! Also a good jockstrap if you happen to wear it for it's "real" purpose. Holds the boys very well. Super sexy too!

— Matt
June 5 2016

Bought the combo Camo Jock pack for my Marine. I don't know wo loves them more, me or him! He loves the feel and the mesh pouch, he naturally radiates a lot of heat (enough that it keeps me warm in bed during the winter), we live in Texas so we have hot and humid summers. The lift in the pouch combined with the mesh keeps his goods pushed out and away for ultimating. He loves them, I love the way they look on him. The combo came with the FT Silicone Grunt Cockring which I wasn't sure if he would like it or not (he usually wear cockrings that are thinner), he wore it for the first time last night and loved it. He said that everything in the description about it was dead on. I like him to have a 70's porn bush, and he loved that it didn't pull any hair when putting the cockring on and that it was the most comfortable cockring he has ever worn. It made his balls look huge, I asked if it was to snug on his balls... He said no it feels great, no pinching very comfortable. I said great, because your balls looking fucking hot as hell! We both loved it, best cockring ever!

— Zac
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