Get a BIGGER meatier bulge. 
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FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0

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FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0
FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0
FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0
FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0
FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0
FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0
FT Cock Lock Harness 2.0


Fuckin' hot. Our FT Cock-Lock Harness is made of textured NEOPRENE...so it bends with you…and offers unbeatable comfort. The harness has a natural “V” shape…so your shoulders look broad…and it tapers right to the base of your cock. HOT.

The heart of the FT Grunt Harness is the beefy integrated cock ring that FRAMES your meat like nothing else. The unique shape CURVES to fit your anatomy and keeps you BONED. Made of an uber-stretchy blend of TPR and Silicone. Wear the Cock-Lock Harness by itself. Or rock it during a nite out. Even with jeans on…guys can see this gear is CLEARLY connected to your JUNK.

Care is super EZ. Machine was cold. Hang dry.

Here is a size guide:

Small is for chest sizes 38-39 inches.
Medium is for chest sizes 40-42 inches.
Large is for chest sizes 43-45 inches.


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May 6 2017

The harness is great, but I'm just to short. I love the harness.

— Stormy Dugruise
April 22 2017

Love it! Fits comfortably and feeling sexy wearing it. The harness size is adjustable for perfect fitting. The material is made in such that can be cleaned easily.

— J
April 12 2017

A naughty smile appeared when I pulled out the FT Cock-Harness in it's isolated pouch. I ran to bedroom, ripped off my clothes, threw on my boots and strapped on the Cock-Harness in front of the full-length mirror. Trust me, you will figure it out. It's instinct. Whoa! I was rock hard and throbbing in an instant. The Cock-Harness is super comfortable, bends when you bend and looks hot from all angles in the mirror.

— JB
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December 10 2016

This looks and feels awesome. I wore it to the bar and got so many compliments. I wore it for several hours and felt comfortable the entire time all while it kept me hard.

— Kalvin
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